Acadiana Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Patty in the Park

By Toi Thornton |

Published 03/17 2017 10:38PM

Updated 03/17 2017 10:38PM

Today, we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day in true Louisiana style. That's right, you guessed it, we're having a party!


Patty in the Park.


"Its Acadiana's official st. patrick's day celebration," said Bruce Mikells, Operations Manager at Town Square Media.


One of the largest in South Louisiana.


"We're enjoying it like no tomorrow," said Pierre Gaudet, a Lafayette resident.


It's a 7 year old tradition that folks in Cajun Country wouldn't have any other way.


"We've heard nothing but great things about this in the city of Lafayette. Its a shame because we live around teh corner and its our first year," said Ramanda Gaudet, a Lafayette resident.


Louisianians are no strangers to festivals, but what makes this one so special? It's got the luck of the Irish!


"What makes this Irish is...We have green beer," said Mikells.


"It actually taste pretty good. R: That's what I was looking forward to," said the Gaudets.


While the event may not be a true representation of Irish culture, its good enough for Acadiana.


"There's not a whole lot of really tied into tradition Irish. I'm sure for your Irish fans watching, they're probably going like you missed a couple guys. But this is south Louisiana, if you put on a green shirt, we're Irish today, so that's Irish enough," saod Mikells.


The Goudet's say its like the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow.


"The great music, the people dancing, enjoying and tasting all of the great food because in South Louisiana , what else you gon' do?" said Ramanda Gaudet.


The band, Better than Ezra, who hasn't been to Acadiana for years now, closed out Patty in the Park at 10.


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