Annual Report Reveals How Acadia Sheriff Added Patrols And New Units At No Additional Cost

By Phillip Boudreaux |

Published 03/17 2017 06:11PM

Updated 03/17 2017 07:02PM

The Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office is keeping the public informed of its operations by releasing its annual report for 2016

Sheriff K.P. Gibson says they have added more than 10 patrol deputies while also replacing new police units and equipment on the road.

The moves have come at no cost the taxpayer.

"To be able to add 12 new positions to patrol, we had to go through our department and take a look at some areas that maybe we could combine jobs." said Sheriff Gibson

For the past 8 months, Gibson says the agency has focused on boosting patrols while keeping a small staff at every other department.

They also shut down the detention center that only housed state prisoners.

"We've probably saved close to 175 thousand dollars annually by shutting it down." he said.

The savings allowed the sheriff to add more patrol deputies.

"What this allows us to do to go from 4 deputies at any given time to 7 and the three man crime supression unit added it as various times of the week will put us at up to 10 deputies on the road during peak hours." Gibson explained.

From last July---the additional deputies have cut the response time in half---taking an average of 28 minutes.

"The good thing we are getting from them is that they are seeing our deputies on the road patrolling the neighborhood. I had one gentleman saying I haven't seen a patrol deputy down here in god knows how long but I've seen a bunch coming down lately." said Gibson.

Sheriff Gibson says community outreach missions such as coffee with a cop have also made a difference.

""It allows the deputies to see the people in the neighbor a little more frequently rather than passing by.We want this office to be friendly to our parish, to our citizens, friendly to our visitors." he said.

The report can be found here:

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