Black History Month: The Morrisons Put Service First To Make History

By Phillip Boudreaux |

Published 02/16 2017 07:01PM

Updated 02/16 2017 07:01PM

To celebrate Black History Month, we're honoring one Scott couple who put service first to make history.

In 2011, Purvis Morrison was the first black mayor in Scott and in Lafayette Parish.

Three years later, his wife, Mary, became the first black woman elected to the Lafayette Parish School Board in 2014.

For Purvis Morrison, it was watching his parents who were business owners give back to the community as a child, while Mary witnessed the impact her mom had as a nursing assistant.

"I really wanted to have an opportunity to serve the community I grew up in." said Purvis
"I recognized the type of service and the difference you make in someone's life when you care." said Mary.

That upbringing inspired the Morrisons to pursue a life of public service.

"When the people put their trust in you, you really wanna try to give them everything you said you were gonna do and even more." said Purvis.

"As public servants, it doesn't matter if its mayor, council, school board, you can get a call for just about anything and that's the beauty of it as servants, we're ready to help in anyway we can." said Mary.

From moving the city of Scott forward as mayor to creating education policy, the Morrisons don't take their roles lightly.

"Being the first black mayor, it just validates to me what type of people we have. People that will give you a chance. People that don't live the hard line. People that know their own." said Purvis.

"It sets an example for women in the community to let them know that yes you can and yes it is possible." said Mary.

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