City of Broussard Supports LPSS Sales Tax

By Phillip Boudreaux |

Published 03/16 2017 06:56PM

Updated 03/16 2017 06:56PM

Broussard is the first city to jump on board with the Lafayette Parish School System's half cent sales tax proposal.

The goal is to replace 248 temporary classrooms with permanent ones. 

Neither of the city's schools, Katharine Drexel nor Broussard Middle, will see any of their portable classrooms replaced under this proposal.

However, city officials trust the school board will take care of all of the infrastructure needs in the parish

"Education infrastructure is easily one of the top priorities for both the mayor and city council for the city of Broussard." said Amy Jones, Broussard City Spokesperson.

The decision to support the half cent sales tax came down to a couple of factors.

"We gotta put the safety of our students, number one and put them in the best possible learning environment and we think this goes a long way toward accomplishing that." said Jones.

The city also based its decision off of the trust gained with the Lafayette Parish School Board over the last two years.

"There has been a lot of dialogue, a lot of communication and working with the city about what our needs are and trying to identify and what can be done to help in this population growth." said Jones.

"We said we were going to do certain things when we ran for office and we feel we've done all of the things we said we were going to do and they appreciate and I believe that's why they supported it." said School Board Member Jeremy Hidalgo.

The school board is grateful that Broussard is supporting the sales tax but hopes other municipalities in Lafayette will also jump on board.

"So that as a team, we can help rebuild the facilities in Lafayette Parish that have been neglected for far too long." said Hidalgo.

The half cent sales tax will appear on the ballot for all Lafayette Parish residents, April 29th.

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