LCG Keeping Safety First with Barricades Along Parade Routes

By Toi Thornton |

Published 02/16 2017 09:52PM

Updated 02/16 2017 09:52PM

As we move closer to Mardi Gras, Lafayette Police Department is taking an active approach to ensure the public's safety during parades.


Residents may have to scream "Throw me somethin' mister" a little louder and listen for bands a little harder.


"Barricades started going out today," said Lafayette Police Department Public Information Officer Karl Ratcliff.


Lafayette Consolidated Government has posted up barricades along most of Saturday's parade route.


"Safety. That's the primary purpose. To keep the parade route clear, to designate an area where people are supposed to be and an area where the actual parade is supposed to pass," he said.


Ratcliff says barricades are a huge part of why there hasn't been many issues at parades in recent years. While residents won't be able to go up to the floats or take pictures with band members, they say they can appreciate the barricades.


"It's safe for the kids to me," said Charles Goodie.


"To me its the best thing to have the barricades," said Anna Williams.


"I think putting the barricades in place is an actual smart thing to do for the city," said Cody Lewis.


Each resident I spoke to recalled instances of children running out into the street and being hit by a tractor.


"Protection for the children," Goodie said.


"Sometimes the children get loose you know and the parents, some of them not paying attention to the children. They all excited," said Williams.


"I've heard of kids getting out there and actually getting run over by the floats themselves," said Lewis.


And they all agree on what's most important.


"Safety that's more important to me. The kids, number 1 priority," added Goodie.


"Safety is more important than fun," exclaimed Williams.


"I think safety would be the key to keeping everybody safe," explained Lewis.


There are barricades along the parade route from the Northside of town to Downtown. Officer Ratcliff says they will finish putting them out Friday afternoon.


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