Residents Urge Iberia Parish President to Veto New Mobile Home Ordinances

By Toi Thornton |

Published 03/27 2017 10:25PM

Updated 03/27 2017 10:25PM

Owners and residents in the mobile home community in Iberia Parish are tied up in knots. Their anger stems from two ordinances passed by the Iberia Parish Council last Wednesday that will effect them. Since the ordinances have already passed and some residents say they're just finding out, they are now calling for a veto and there's only one man who can make that happen. We were at a rally tonight where residents expressed their frustrations.


"Y'all barking the wrong tree brother and I'm going to tell you something, we tired of that junk," said one resident at the rally.


Trailer park owners and residents in Iberia Parish can't seem to accept 2 ordinances passed by the Iberia Parish Council last Wednesday.


"Its ridiculous. Its like a crack head trying to get some more money," said Resident Chris Leblanc, who lives in a trailer.


The first ordinance requires any property being developed for mobile homes to seek one of two zoning classifications, T1 for parks and T2 for subdivisions. The second ordinance requires trailer parks to provide their own trash pickup services. Residents are calling the council out for discrimination against those who live in trailers.


"I think its terrible. I mean they're being prejudice against mobile home owners, people that live in a mobile home," Leblanc said. "Its like a tax because you want to wear flip flops instead of shoes"


Iberia Parish Councilman Warren Gachassin, Jr. who voted against both ordinances says he's on the side of the people. He says those who live in mobile homes already pay for trash services.


"Currently the parish has levied a half-cent sales tax for solid waste fund to pick up trash now they want to be able to charge the individual trailer parks for trash pick up, which those people residing there are paying the trash pick up already," said Councilman Gachassin.


Since the ordinances have already been passed, the only way to get rid of it is through a veto. That can only be done by Parish President Larry Richard. Richard was not available for an interview due to family issues but he did give us this statement.


"Every resolution that is passed or denied by the council is important to all of the people of Iberia parish. I always before approving or vetoing a resolution or ordinance, do my homework. I plan to do the exact same thing on these resolutions," the statement read.


It remains to be seen as to which direction he will go, but he has 10 business days from the time he receives the full ordinance from the clerk. A representative for Richard at the meeting says as of tonight they have not received it yet.


 Many of the residents who were there tonight are planning to attend the council's next meeting on Wednesday, April 5th to voice their opinions.


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