UL Teaching Female Students and Staff to "Fight Like a Girl"

By Toi Thornton | tthornton@cajunfirst.com

Published 03/16 2017 10:44PM

Updated 03/16 2017 10:49PM

LSU is investigating an alleged abduction that is reported to have taken place Wednesday night on Sorrority Row. In light of this, we went over to UL to see what protocols they have in place and what they're doing to avoid these types of situations.


It can happen to anyone.


"Be alert. Be aware of your surroundings. A lot of tiems we take things for granted that nothing is going to happen to me and when it does we have that shock factor," said Lieutenant Billy Abram, UL Police Department Public Information Officer.


So you should always be prepared.


"Nowadays everyone has to put a little extra effort in the things that they do to ensure their safety," Lt. Abrams said.


After a student was reportedly abducted on LSU's campus Wednesday night, UL says they've already taken extreme measures to make sure this doesn't happen on their campus with an event called "Fight Like a Girl."


"We invite all the faculty, staff, and students to attend the women's self-defense class so that way we can teach young ladies and faculty and staff how to defend themselves in the case of an attack," said Lt. Michael Louviere, Coordinator.


Students like Mary Mclean say they need it more than others.


"As you can see I'm kind of tiny and small. I don't want people to feel like just because I'm small they can take advantage of me," she said.


Mclean says she wants to be ready to fight in case it happens to her.


"I want to learn how to protect myself like if an attacker were to come at me. Or maybe some ideas like of maybe going to my car at night."


The fight like a girl class is one of the many options that UL students have to combat this. They can also download an app called Rave Guardian. Here's how the app works, if you're headed from one building to another you can set a time for yourself and if you don't make it to that building in the time limit, campus police are notified.


"We always ask that students be aware of their surroundings. If they see someting suspicious we ask them to report it but all of that takes a little extra effort," said Lt. Abrams.


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