UPDATE: Anseman now eligible for Judges Race

Published 03/20 2017 11:03AM

Updated 03/20 2017 06:30PM

Claims that Vanessa Waguespack Anseman had not practiced law for ten years and was therefore prohibited by law from being a candidate for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judges Seat have been dismissed. She is now fully eligible.

"The Supreme Court on Friday has withdrawn the ineligibility of my MCLE requirements. In other words that date they were clinging on to, that May 31st date no longer exists. So the state's argument on whether I was 28 days shy or 24 days shy falls." said Vanessa Anseman.

After a brief recess the Judges granted Anseman's motion to supplement documents into record from the supreme court.

"The courts have made it clear that I am right, that I am qualified to run for this position and I think it's important to realize we have the election code. It's not a document of suggestions." said Anseman.

Last week---Assistant District Attorney Don Richard---fought to have Anseman disqualified. A week later---he motioned to dismiss the case in light of the Supreme Courts documents.

Third Circuit Court of Appeals Candidate Responds to District Attorney’s Petition (March 10th)

Early voting hasn’t even started yet but the spring elections are already heating up in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals race. 27th Judicial District Attorney Earl Taylor is petitioning to challenge the qualifications of Vanessa Waguespack Anseman.

“Unfortunately the claims made that have been cited are simply without merit.” said candidate Vanessa Waguespack Anseman.

The petition released Thursday night by District Attorney Earl Taylor, claims Anseman has *not* practiced law for ten years and therefore is prohibited by law from being a candidate for the third circuit.

“My admission date was October 10th 2003. So, despite any inactive practice years, that admit date never changes” explained Anseman.

She told KLAF  this case was actually brought up with other District Attorneys and after reviewing the constitutional articles , she says those DA’s have backed off.

“The politics behind this are playing words games and trying to confuse people, our law is very very clear. What governs is that admission date. Period. We do not require any, there is no required prescription of time for years of practice. The last time in Louisiana that was a thing, was in 1921.” said Anseman.

Despite the claim made, Anseman  says she’s not going to give up without a fight.

Anseman also says she will with out a doubt be in court come Monday morning.

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