Upper Lafayette: How to Market Your Business in the Community

By Taylor Trache | ttrache@cajunfirst.com

Published 03/15 2017 07:40PM

Updated 03/15 2017 07:40PM

"If you're not marketing you're dying. You have to get out and market your company" said Jady Regard.

As Chief Nut Officer for the Cane River Pecan Company, Jady Regard, nows a thing or two about keeping up with the marketing trends.

"Maintaining relationships is everything and you only learn that as you get older. After you've been in the industry five, ten, fifteen years, you look back and those relationships help you maintain that market" said Regard.

And because we live in a fast paced society, Upper Lafayette wanted to help local businesses market themselves better.

"Especially in today's economy  there's so much competition. A lot of us don't have marketing dollars but we have marketing energy." said Jan Swift, Executive Director for the Upper Lafayette Foundation, "and with the downturn in the economy people have turned to other businesses and I wanted people to know how to market their business with little or no budget"

A common trend is social media and utilizing it to connect with the community.

"I think the best thing that I heard was about blogging." said Swift.

"I think there will always be traditional marketing I don't think billboards are going to go anywhere." said Regard, "I do believe that you have to recognize social media, you have to weave it into the mix. I believe if you ignore it you're going to get left behind."

Regard said his company focused a lot on direct mail marketing and the past year, the company actually spent more money on social media marketing than direct mail marketing. He said it's not about replacing marketing strategies, it's about growing your marketing portfolio.

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