Verot School Road Construction Causing Problems for Local Businesses

By Taylor Trache |

Published 03/17 2017 05:44PM

Updated 03/17 2017 05:55PM

"During the week it's horrible I mean they're doing what they can but it's no good" said Charlie Shank, Owner of Dax.

For local business owners like, Charlie Shank, business is not looking to good along Verot School Road.

"It's completely destroyed my lunch business. Sales are down from January, 50%." said Shank.

Shank even had to put up extra signs to let patrons know, despite the dust, yes- they are in fact still open.

"I was afraid people thought we were closed. I had some people when the construction first started, it was so bad, I guess people that they were closed because there was nobody here." said Shank.

And even local chains are feeling the struggle of being located in a construction zone.

"Our sales are down twice as much as the other locations. I mean of course it's harder to get here and people are choosing the other locations over this one." said Kristen Fabaucher, Bartender at Legends.

The construction that's been going on since Novemeber of 2015, has created orange cones, steep embankments and narrow dirt road business access points.

"They can't stand the driveway. The people that's a thirty minute lunch, they can't waste the time" said Shank.

"They hate it they want it to be over. It's dangerous. Our delivery drivers hate driving over it." said Fabaucher.

Despite the slump in sales, both businesses are holding on to hope the dust will settle soon. 

"I mean they're doing what they can." said Shank.


"I know it's going to be great once its done. We are probably going to get twice the traffic,  but for now we're just going to have to wait it out." said Fabaucher.

Construction completion is set for Summer of 2018.

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