WWII Veteran Needs Help Finding Lady Who Paid For Groceries

By Taylor Trache | ttrache@cajunfirst.com

Published 03/16 2017 07:11PM

Updated 03/16 2017 07:11PM

Meet Rene Duhon. He served our country during World War II Veteran and he typically wears the WWII veteran hat wherever he goes. He never thought that hat would cause one big act of kindness and create a search for a mystery woman. 

"I was flabergasted. I didn't know what to think" said Rene Duhon. 

As a usual trip for groceries at Duhon's local Albertsons came to an end.

"While I was cashing, checking out my groceries. The cashier started checking out my groceries and all of a sudden she stopped" said Duhon.

The cashier at customer service had stopped because the woman in line behind Duhon walked up to the cashier.

"She was about my height, brown hair very friendly. She just offered to pay for his groceries" said Tina Hollier, Cashier at Customer Service.

"She started ringing my groceries again and I handed her my charge card and she pushed it aside and took the lady's saying this lady is paying for your groceries." remembered Duhon. 

Duhon was in such a state of shock, he briefly thanked the lady and drove home. But that moment is now forever in his memory.

"I thanked her but I don't think I thanked her enough. She's an angel. Believe me she is." said Duhon, tearing up. 

But what Duhon didn't know at the time was the reason behind the random act of kindness.

Taylor Trache: "What was the reason behind wanting to pay for the groceries?"

Tina Hollier: "Her grandfather was in WWII."

Rene Duhon: "Her grandfather was in WWII? Oh my goodness isn't that something..."   

Taylor Trache: "How does that make you feel now?" 

Rene Duhon:".....fantastic....fantastic."  

Duhon has become the celebrity around Albertsons, as employees heard his story .and hope one day he'll find the mystery woman so he can thank her properly.

"It's very hearttouching. That someone would do this for our customer and there are still good people out there not just bad people." said Vickie Leger Collins, Manager at Albertsons.

And if Duhon's angel is reading...

"All I want her to know, is that I appreciated it very very much and I want her to know she is an angel " said Duhon, tearing up. 

Duhon would like to meet the kind woman in person, if you know who she may be, contact us.

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