Pit crews, garage specialists work to get perfect car on Daytona 500 track

By Paul Ryan

Published 02/24 2017 03:29PM

Updated 02/24 2017 03:29PM

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) – Any driver that wins the Daytona 500 will say they couldn’t have done it without the perfect team.  A lot of work takes place off the track, in the pits and garage, to get the car ready.

Joey Gase will drive the number 23 car in Daytona, but his success depends upon 60 other members of BK racing.

Bryce Seals is a Nascar rookie, but he’s spent 25 years as a shock specialist.

“This is a spring load tester.  We have a cupboard of springs here.  We can rate them in this machine, so it collapses it to any height you want,” said Seals.

“We put our shocks on here to measure the packer gas, and this is something we will adjust across the weekend.”

Across from Seal’s trailer, interior specialist Ricky Garcia makes his own adjustments.  He’s changed thousands of tires throughout his career.

During a race, crew members aim to change a tire in about four seconds.

“It takes practice,” Garcia said.



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